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18 November 2009 @ 10:03 pm
What (if any) books would you ban from a high school library? Are there certain subjects that you feel are inappropriate for teenagers regardless of literary merit?

It depends on it it talks about how cannbalism is good or how we should rape babies.Even then. Just because I don't think those subjects are appritae if i saw it at the library I would choose not to read it. You don't have to read all the books in a libraiy. So I guess i mean nothing should be banned.
06 September 2009 @ 03:13 pm

I was in Colorado this last week. i decieded to have a photoshoot. unfortinlty I only had pink shoes. overall i'm pretty happy with everything. Tell me what you think?<lj-cut text="Read more">  I was Acutlly pretty nervous about the whole shoot becuase i did want to show you guys it. I didn't really do anything to may hair becuase i couldn't. I do like my make up though. The dress is baby the stars shine bright, and everyhitng else is just stuff i threw together. I just stared to be lolita and I thought this looked good. what do you think? Here are some other picutres tell me what you think.
 The land that we were on was my uncle's he owns 63 acres of land in Guffey, Colorado. It was a tiny little town with somthing like 30 people in it. All there was around us was mountians and plains, they even had old poinneer houses  and carrages all around us. I felt like I was in  a  fairy tale.
This is the Homestead house. It's very tiny and had two floors with only a latter to the second flor my uncle also had and orginal outhouse on his land. i may look award in this pciture becuase I'm really not good at posing.
This is my uncle's pond It was really fun feeding the fish and canoing. Before we left I had a picnic in the canoe. great fun. I'll Show you my favorite pciture so far.
 TaDa!!! So tell me what you think of everthing. Advice is welcomed and I'm sure very much needed. Other then the pink shoes what do you think about the outfits?
31 August 2008 @ 11:59 pm
If you could live forever how would you spend your time?
I would spend all my time, learning how to sew and stuff,  Just going every were and tryint to learn everything. Then I would sleep.
28 August 2008 @ 10:10 am
Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever encountered one?
 Yes I belive in Ghost. I also belive that I have encountered quite a few. A friend of mine has a house who we both swear is haunted. One of the times I was spending the night the light in her computer room whent on. The only person who could have done it was her mother and she was sleeping. Anoughter time I was taking a shower in her basement and I had music on really loud, suddenly the music got quite and I heard a man say {insert my name here} hurry up and then the music turned way up again. There are plenty of other instances but I don't feel like really saying anything about them right now.
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